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Optometrists without borders

We are a non-profit organization that wishes to awake the interests and consciousness of people in general, and Optometrists/Opticians in Sweden and around the world in particular, on how important and desirable their contribution can be in developing countries. We work with the poor - those in greatest need. These people would never have the possibility to pay for an eye check up let alone afford eyeglasses, so in no way do we compete with the native optometrists there.


We want optometrists to experience a unique 2-3 weeks of intensive work. It is no vacation, only hard work, and simple food and lodgings. Despite this, we can assure them an unforgettable experience.

Global charity

We have been to many countries during the last 25 years and helped hundreds of thousands with a better eye-sight!

We are completely voluntary and all our campaigns are finansed through donations from private persons or companies.

For donations from abroad:


IBAN SE94 9500 0099 6018 0900 6610


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